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Mass and Gravity

10 My Relevant Publications

This is section 10 of 11 in the web-book.

I have written several publications in different formats.

Several were about the atomic model, gravity, and relativity.

Among my collection, I consider these relevant to the scope of Mass and Gravity.

10.1 Among My Paperbacks

Redefining Gravity, published October 13, 2020

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Its conclusion:

Einstein's space-time is invalid as a replacement for Newton's force of gravity.

Some content in Mass and Gravity was derived from part of this book. This book is the first time I published a form of my field mechanism for gravity. This book has much more than this Mass and Gravity, as itincludes such topics as Kepler's laws of planetary motion. I also had an extensive comparison between gravity and space-time. None of that is relevant to the mechanism of gravity.

Practical Particle Physics, published December 3, 2020

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Its conclusion:

Atomic mass defect can be explained as a compression of the fusion of a proton into a nucleus causes a size reduction and an associated slight reduction in its measured mass. No mass is permanently lost by being converted into nuclear binding energy, which is a new form of energy defined by quantum chromodynamics. QCD has the wrong explanation.

Practical Atomic Model, published February 10, 2021

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Its conclusions:

The Standard Model is wrong. Quarks are just debris found only in particle accelerators.

The only fundamental particles in an atomic model are the electron and proton.

A new set of names for the concentric electron shells is proposed based on their increasing radius from the nucleus.

Among all the isotopes of all elements, the most stable combination of protons and electrons in the nucleus is identified from the list of measured counts of nucleons.

Predicting Gravitational Wave Detections, published October 21, 2021

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Its conclusions:

There are no gravitational waves. All claims by LIGO are baseless fantasy.

Gravitational Lens Illusions, published December 6, 2021

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Its conclusions:

Gravity cannot bend light.

The 1919 Eddington Experiment did not confirm what was claimed.

Several celestial objects are declared to be from an illusion from a gravitational lens. These objects are interesting plasma phenomena, not illusions.

10.2 Among My Web-books

Einstein's Mistakes, published January 25, 2022

Subtitle:  with Forces and Light

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Its conclusion:

Einstein's 2 pivotal papers in 1905 caused confusion in physics about the nature of light, and about the instantaneous action of the forces of gravity and electromagnetism. These mistakes by Einstein also caused confusion in the Standard Model, where it deals with forces and light.

Several of my other publications also included relativity in some manner. This web-book brought together everything that I had written about relativity into  a single, condensed narrative.

You are reading my second web-book.

10.3 Among My free PDFs

1st  PDF
Atomic Mass Defect Alternative, published October 11, 2021

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This PDF is content extracted from my book Practical Particle Physics, with some minor changes for the result to suit the title.

The PDF was created to share my conclusions and the data supporting them. This enables someone not having to buy the entire book just for this section.

2nd PDF

LIGO Legacy, published May 12, 2021

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Its conclusion:

There is no gravitational wave.

The data from LIGO spanned to the end of 2019.

In 2021, the data from LIGO was brought up to date, and the narrative was changed to suit the narrative for the book's title.

I felt it important to get this LIGO situation into the cosmology book market on Amazon, though knowing only Amazon can distribute this book.

This PDF remains available for free. The recent data from LIGO did not affect the conclusions in this PDF.

Its conclusion:

There are no gravitational waves. All claims by LIGO are baseless fantasy.

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