Cosmology Views

Popular cosmology has a few problems, especially those beginning with the word dark.
 This site has several suggestions to help resolve these problems.

Main 7 selection has the 7 main suggestions for fixing the fundamental problems in cosmology.
The critical suggestion is fixing the redshift problem which causes many more.
The redshift problem has an incredibly simple solution, but dogma resists change, even when simple.

Research selection has material from my research to support the main topics, the posts and the comments to posts on other sites.

Posts  selection has cosmology related posts to Facebook groups.

The posts also have suggestions for cosmology. My posts also include observations which could result in group exchanges of comments.

Comments  selection has comments to online topics allowing comments, such as Facebook posts or YouTube videos.

Not all online content allows comments. (this basic web site package does not support comments).

I post with my Facebook account which supports messages.

This Site Map selection enables access to features used infrequently.

last change 05/24/2020