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Popular cosmology has a few crucial problems, especially the two terms  beginning with the word dark,  and a third term having a hole, and the proclaimed continuing crisis with its most important constant which drives many wrong assumptions. Particle Physics also has a few problems, with one called a defect.

Physics has a few problems after adopting Einstein's relativity with its space-time concept and abandoning Newton's absolute space and time. Newton assumed both were independent of all observers, while in relativity spacetime is driven by the special observer.

 This site has several suggestions to help resolve those problems, initially in Facebook posts, later in books and free pdfs.

I was forced to retire due to health in late 2016.  In late 2018, I committed to research on cosmology,  resuming an interest which began as a child.

Substantial material was accumulated.
This web site was created in April 2020, and maintains an archive of my posts to several Facebook groups.

 In May 2020, I began  an alternative for airing my views on cosmology, by self-publishing books.  Amazon has KDP for a book's content and Amazon does the distribution.  My first book was completed in June, 2020,  the second in July,  the third in August, and the fourth bookwas  finished in October.

The first 3 are about cosmology, but the 4th is about general physics, such as gravity. This resulted in a transition.  I began research into concerns with particle physics.
 A fifth book followed in December, about particle physics.

 A sixth book followed in February 2021, about the atomic mode.
A seventh book followed in April 2021, returning to a topic in the first book,  after extensive research into how we measure galaxies.
 An eighth publication returned to a topic in the first book followed in May, 2021, describing LIGO,  and its impact on cosmology and physics; its pdf is available for free

I continued publishing more paperbacks,  and only a few in  pdf to enable a free distribution of just that topic.
My recent publications are in the format of a web-book, where the content is a series of web pages.  You start with the link and click on a section in the table of contents or click on a link to a reference or image. This format is free; only its link and a browser are needed.

The list of my publications, their descriptions,  and distribution (how to get it) are in the Books link below.

Here is a separate page with supporting material for each book or publication, like links to its references, errata, and distribution:

Books by the author

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My research includes 3 reference works, 1  about light, 2nd about e=mc2 equation., 3rd about phoelectric effect.
A reference work has a small page count, so  it does not qualify as a book.

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