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Comments can be submitted to posts in Facebook or to videos in YouTube.

Most of these are to Facebook; those to YouTube will be identified.

In my opinion, most comments to a Youtube video published by a well kbown scientist, like Sabine Hossenfelder, often seem like students reacting to their professor, and are not leading to a productive exchange.  Contrary comments by a new name can result in replies defending the professor.

My archive did not always archive the Youtube link, which is necessary for correctly matching a comment to the original header material.

Since I posted my free pdf Return to Classical Physics to several groups, in the future my comments to posts in those groups can take advantage of previous conclusions.

The archive of comments in 2019 and 2020 reveal some awkward explanations. It is wrong to edit the archive but awkward when not having better quality. An archive of comments is less important than posts.

The archive of comments will resume when the quality of the recent comments is at an acceptable level.