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Metaphysics Beyond the Current Electric Universe Cosmology

Metaphysics is the study of reality, or such things as causality, mind and matter, or space and time,

Physics is the study of energy, forces, matter and motion.

This is my view of  the progress of metaphysics, or the fundamental cosmological assumptions.

A new generation of scientists can either a) improve the path to a better understanding of metaphysics, or
b) introduce a diversion, which requires time to identify its problems and then time to solve them.

The Electric Universe cosmology or EUC, proposes changes at the level of metaphysics.

I agree with some changes by EUC, but not others.

I have reccommendations to improve EUC and enable a productive contribution to metaphysics.

Some of the important contributors to the development of EUC have been selectively excluded, like Dr. Robitaille.

After some of these selections are corrected for a better mix of ideas, then I believe that EUC can truly contribute to the progress of metaphysics.

I will begin with my backgound to convey my history with EUC.

I read Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision when I was about 19.

Though I started my subscription to Kronos after the first issue. I have a complete set of the journals based on Velikovky: Pensee, Kronos, Aeon. These 3 series are academic journals where scientists pursuing different paths from a start in Velikovsky's published works, can publish their results. Veliksky's contributions include  his books, and his contributions to Pensee and Kronos. The extensive research in  Worlds in Collision affected several sciences, iincluding anthropology, archeology, astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology. metaphysics, mythology.

I have been following the development of the electric universe cosmology since its beginning.

Though I am not part of the Thunderbolts Project, I believe my observations can help its progress, and that of science in general.

My perspective on the progress of metaphysics is linked.

EU could contribute to the progress of metaphysics, but right now EU should reconsider how to integrate the contributions from several independent individuals.

The EU community of contributors are dispersed, hindering coordination of efforts. There is a general goal, that of replacing the big bang cosmology, which is missing its goal of explaining how the universe works. Dark matter and dark energy reveal an obvious  failure to offer acceptable explanations.

Since I proposed a solution to the redshift problem in 2020, I believe that I can contribute  to improving some content of EUC.

Here is my perspective on the progress of metaphysics since Aristotle, which has been marked by a few notable individuals having much impact at their time.

Progress of Metaphysics of Metaphysics

date posted 06/01/2022