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Decoding the E in E=mc2


I previously posted my analysis of Einstein's 1920 book on Relativity.

Review of Einstein's Book on Relativity

I covered all 33 sections of the book and offered remarks to each.

I was disappointed that E=mc2 was never explicitly mentioned.
With a deeper analysis of section XV, I believe I can explain the E in that equation. This section XV does not have the equation but it has mv2 followed by mc2 many times, enabling an understanding of how Einstein derived his famous equation.
With so many exponents and subscripts, this content is isn't easy in Facebook.

I created a web page which supported those formats. My explanation of the equation begins with the Einstein 'sclaim of matter having a speed limit at c.
That means for relativity, mass has a limit on its kinetic energy, defined by Einstein.

I concluded that limit on kinetic energy is the basis for the famous mass and energy equivalence equation.
The mix of text and equations was unavoidable, but was needed to support the apparent evolution of Einstein's famous equation.
I made a case based on interpreting Einstein's book from 1920.

The reader is given access to Einstein's book, enabling anyone to form their own conclusion. The equation arose in 1905. One cannmot be sure of Einstein's intent at the time.

The title of the web page reveals my conclusion about the equation.

I created a pdf of this analysis, before changing its format to html, if anyone prefers a pdf.

False Equivalence of Mass and Energy

date posted 05/10/2022