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Book by David Michalets

Progress of Metaphysics

4 Modern Phase of Metaphysics

Modern metaphysics is after both Einstein amd quantum mechanics

Metaphysics was affected by several wrong theories by Einstein.

These were covered in detail in the section of Transition Phase of Einstein's effect.

4.1 Atomic Model
The Standard Model remains unfinished. Fundamental forces like gravity and electromagnetism are instantaneous. Einstein claimed they propagate at the velocity of light.

It should be impossible for the Satandard Model to satisfy both Einstein and  Newton or Maxell, when the contradiction remains. Einstein's mistake must be removed.

When reading of quantum gravity, like in Wikipedia, "there are open questions."
If a resoulution is claimed, despite the conflict, then someone violated the rules for the behavior set by Newton or Maxwell.

Einstein claimed light travels in packets, which resulted in a quasi-particle called the photon.

However, there is no photon.

Light is never a particle.  Light is always just as defined by Maxwell.

Light is the propagation of synchronized, perpendicular electric and magnetic fields

Maxwell defined the parameters and their values for this propagation in a vacuum.

These parameters enabled defining propagation through a medium.

If a resolution of the photon conflict is claimed, then someone violated the rules for the behavior of light set by Maxwell.

When the fundamental forces have an unjustified speed limit, then the fundamental forces act after a delay.

Einstein's claim of forces acting over a time span conflicts with observational evidence.

Particle colliders enabled a proton to be broken into 3 pieces.

These are debris. They cannot be combined to form a proton having a known mass and charge.

Physicists made a drastic mistake when treating debris as fundamental particles.

The true fundamental particles are the proton and electron.

I wrote several books about particle physics and an atomic model.

I also wrote several free web-books.

This post links to my web-book about neutrinos.

Doubting Neutrinos

The Standard Model is a failure also in metaphysics.

We are on a path away from understanding matter.

4.2 Cosmology

Effects of Electromagnetism  are ignored.

Dark matter is the clear evidence of that mistake.

Wherever there is a behavior  that gravity can't explain, there is a magnetic field being ignored.

Cosmologists recognize that they have a crisis when unable to agree on a better value for Hubble's constant.
All redshifts are wrong. We have yet to measure the 3-D motion of any galaxy.

Distant Spectral Shifts

There is no universe expansion and no big bang.

The electrons in multiple shells around a nucleus could not remain in stable, constant radius orbits.

All bodies in our solar system in orbit around the system's center of gravity could not remain in thei consistent elliptical orbits.

By the acceptance of Einstein's mistake, metaphysics cannot explain how the universe maintains its coherence instantaneously.

2. The 1905 paper on the theory of special relativity defined a space-time continuum for the universe.

Since this non-existent thing was claimed to be a real thing, non-existent big bang event was needed to create this non-existent thing.

There is no fabric of space. There was no big bang.

I had explained the many problems with relativity in  section of Transition with Einstein.

Beyond Einstein, modern physics has taken other wrong paths.

4.3 Progress of Metaphysics in the Modern Phase

These concepts in metaphysics are crucial.

a) understanding light,
b) understanding all fundamental forces,
c) understanding forces and motion,
d) understanding gravity,
e) understanding redshifts,
f) understanding subatomic particles.

ALL items in the list are not understood at the end of this phase.

Causality is no longer understood, after adopting Einstein's mistakes with forces.

Space and time are no longer understood after adopting Minklowski's spacetime continuum.

The misunderstanding of redshifts began with Slipher, not Einstein.

This failure to understand the spectra from distant extragalactic objects, remains a failure of metaphysics.

This lack of understanding the universe at the level of its fundamental data of velocities enabled the wrong perception of universe expansion. This mistake resulted in the mistake at the level of metaphysics describing in detail a big bang event which tried to create the entire universe, at a precise time of 13 billion years ago. The precision of this claimed age of the universe is ridiculous, as well as the entire theory.

The Distant Spectral Shifts reference has the solution.

This phase has  several mistakes, or retreats, not advances, from the classical  phase of metaphysics.

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