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Warning to Inter-Galactic Travelers!!

Common Sense Alert!!

As you travel about the universe, after leaving our Milky Way galaxy, PLEASE be careful to maintain your common sense!

Astronomers here on Earth failed to maintain theirs, with their mistake with the Doppler effect.

Whenever you observe a spiral galaxy with a calcium ion blue shift, beware!

No matter the direction you view its central bulge,
whether left or right, above or below, sideways, or at an angle,
that galaxy will always indicate the same velocity and it is always approaching you!

Do NOT be alarmed!

That galaxy  is NOT chasing you at a consistent velocity! No matter where you try to escape!

We have observed only a few of these spiral galaxies, so hopefully this apparent threat will be avoided.
So far, only M31. M33, M90. and M98 exhibit this apparent silly behavior with a blue shift.


As you travel, there are probably more of them out there! They are just waiting to be found!

When you settle somewhere in another galaxy, and begin viewing distant galaxies with red shifts, please beware where you are now!

Each distant galaxy will indicate a velocity and it is always away from you!

Do NOT be alarmed!

That galaxy  is NOT really moving away from you!

You will even get the illusion Its velocity is increasing as it seems more distant!

Galaxies having a velocity even 11 times the velocity of light have been measured.

All of that illusion is just wrong so beware!

All distant quasars will seem to be moving away also, and some will also show a velocity many times that of light.
You did not find a special place in the universe where all galaxies and quasars appear to be moving away from you!

Also, you did not find the very, very special place where you might believe everything originally came from!

If you are able to survive this delusion, you might move to a different galaxy.

You will probably re-affirm you common sense after settling in a different galaxy.

Again, you will see all motions are centered on your new location.

Every galaxy in the universe cannot be that very,very special place of the universe creation!

The actual motions in the universe should never depend on your current  location!

Your common sense should tell you that silly nonsense with the Doppler effect, when on Earth, is just an illusion.

Advice to an Inter-Galactic Traveler:

Maintain your common sense!

As you venture far away: PLEASE do not succumb to this current nonsense here on Earth!

Warning to Inter-Galactic Travelers!!