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Updating Our Universe?

On June 22, my book Observing Our Universe became available for print on demand from Amazon in both 6x9 paperback and Kindle.

I believe this book achieved my goal of refuting the claimed evidence for nearly everything wrong in popular cosmology:

Cosmology must drop (by either lack of evidence or due to conflicting evidence) all of: big bang, black hole, dark energy, dark matter, expansion, gravitational waves, neutron star, quasar, relativity, and space-time. The Lamda-CDM model is noted as worthless also.

I am sure there are more details which could have been included but I believe the book offers enough detail for a valid case for each and every one in the list.

I used only a few references to Thunderbolts to justify some conclusions.

I cited Dowdye for light, Robitaille for CMB and LMHSM, Scott for Electric Sun and dark matter, and Thornhill for the plasmoid.

At this point, the foundation is apparently set for TBP to completely replace the popular cosmology with EU.
I considered a sequel in another book, to be titled Updating Our Universe.This book would explain the transition.

Unfortunately, there is a problem for a smooth transition to TBP.
I cited my quasar hypothesis because it matches all the observational evidence. This is unlike Arp's quasar with an unproven age of matter hypothesis. This is easily refuted using spectograms within his own book, Seeing Red. I explained that in a series of posts in May.

TBP Space News had a video with the TBP quasar explanation. It was totally wrong.

1) the AGN was thermal not synchrotron radiation. Wrong!

2) the TBP quasar had a strange mass loss sequence to explain its red shift. Wrong!

3) I noticed a recent TBP reference to the M31 blue shift coming from relative ages of galaxies. Wrong!

With the first step accomplished (clearly revealing popular cosmology must be replaced), the next step is filling the void left after removing the mistakes accumulated over the past century.

On June 1, I posted Story of electrons and protons. The story goes from the structured atomic model through the layers in the Sun from Robitaille's LMH model.
THAT is part of the sequel. However in facebook posts, I feel an interpretation is acceptable. I feel I annot do that in my book. That published interpretation must be in his works or a book, perhaps by TBP.

I am confident I could integrate many pieces for a proper description of EU. I began that exercise in the 12/04/2019 post titled Various Electric Uiverse Reference Materials.

However TBP is the party reponsible for publishing the correct details of EU. I cannot claim my book has the correct EU description. I am not authorized for that and I am unlikely to be.

If there is one, TBP must write the sequel to my book to explain a new, correct cosmology.

I question whether it will be correct with some details.

I suspect Ben's Plasma Cosmology might not agree with the Electric Sun.

Hopefully there are some competent cosmologists up to the task of replacing much of the current cosmology with a better one.

I might do it for the fun of it, but I cannot publish it.