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LIGO Orrery slow motion

I have a request for EUT at the end.

LIGO and SXS Collaboration produced a YouTube video for 9 claimed gravitational wave detections.
Each video shows 2 blue round balls spiralling in to a merge.

At top right is an elapsed time for the sequence.
Below this graphic sequence is a waveform.
the waveform 'rings down' at the end.


my comment to the YouTube video:

the set of events in the video:

FM=FullMoon, NM=NewMoon, PG=PeriGee, PH=PeriHelion
A=Amplitude, RD=RingDown (approximations to compare)

GW, earth tide causing GW

GW150914, PG1509141.0A 2.0RD
GW151012, NM1510120.1A 0.2RD
GW151226, FM1512250.1A 0.2RD
GW170104, PH1701040.1A 0.6RD LW
GW170608, FM1706090.1A 0.6RD
GW170729, PG1708020.1A 0.5RD LW
GW170809, FM1708070.2A 1.0RD
GW140814, PG1708180.2A 1.3RD

GW170817, PG170818 - not included; conspicuous by absence!

GW170818, PG1708180.3A 0.6RD LW
GW170823, NM1708210.3A 0.5RD LW


The first GW had the strongest amplitude of the set.
As the Earth rotated under the closest Moon on that day, the super-sensitive interferometers  began ringing as the crust was stressed. If LIGO really measured these waves being shown then after the strain on the crust settled, the interferometers reacted with a ring down.

I have a right to be skeptical of this video. A news story in Germany on June 11, 2019 disclosed the LIGO deception for GW170817. The GRB was detected first, LIGO was emailed the coordinates, LIGO fabricated an event for that location, LIGO set the time for the event to be prior to the GRB, edited the times in the archived emails to match the narrative, and manually created figures for the Nobel Prize paper rather than using what should have been data from the claimed event.
Coincidentally there was a perigee peak the day after this fabricated event. One cannot know whether this perigee detection wave was manipulated to be the claimed NS-NS merger.

LIGO has never tested its system with an actual merger to verify the system works correctly. Whether it can do what it claims is absolutely unknown.

Since it detects an earth tide not a GW LIGO has never provided an independent verification for any of the growing number of false claims.

On November 10, 2019 I gave LIGO several predictions in that month based on the predictable moon events. My predictions were confirmed by the expected GW detections.

LIGO cannot find an imminent merger to verify their system can analyze a real event correctly.
Right now my successful prediction proved LIGO detects an earth tide not a GW. LIGO is an abomination for physics.

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I wish for help from someone in EUT.

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