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Arp, Quasars, Seyfert, and M51

Until one takes the time to read all the details about many  galaxies, one cannot know how often Halton Arp's conclusions have been confirmed in recent years, such as with X-ray images.

One of Arp's observations was quasars are associated with an active spiral galaxy type known as a Seyfert. Sometimes the quasars were in pairs.

The large, relatively near, face-on spiral galaxy M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, brings together Arp's scenario.

excerpt from 2015 story attached:

 The team of researchers also detected a large number of point-like X-ray sources due to black holes and neutron stars in binary star systems. Chandra’s image highlights the energetic central regions of the two interacting galaxies, NGC 5194 and its smaller companion NGC 5195.

A survey of the Whirlpool Galaxy revealed close to 500 X-ray sources. About 400 of these are believed to be within the galaxy, while the others are either in front of M51 or behind it

(excerpt end)

my comment:
Those X-ray sources are not black holes but rather they are plasmoids. Plasmoids can grow to become quasars. There are more than 400 of them here! That's a wow!

M51 is not creating black holes where each will devour everything.
M51 is creating plasmoids which will mature into quasars and perhaps a galaxy as Arp also proposed.

It is inconsistent for the black hole claimed to be in M51 to be a source of more black holes when the other claim is nothing can escape from a black hole so it is the final fate.