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Books by David Michalets

David Michalets. the author of this web site, has also written several books about cosmology.

This page hosts 2 items for each book:

1) the references page, with links for each reference in the book.

The last page in each book directs the reader to this web page to get those linked references.

2) the latest errata for that edition of the book.

This errata link is to a zip containing several, short pdf pages to print, if needed to note the updates for this edition.

Note: Errata is a zip of files, not a web page. Clicking on the errata link should get the alternatives of either “Open” or “Save As”

Book Edition
Observing Our Universe                  Date of Errata  Book Detail

July 17,2020  References    Errata  07/30/2020

July 30,2020  References    Errata  none

Cosmology Transition                     Date of Errata  Book Detail

July 17,2020  References    Errata 07/30/2020

July 30,2020  References    Errata none

Note: the references should not change between editions

A new edition  integrates the errata for the previous edition.