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Observing Our Universe Book

David Michalets self-published a book with 2 formats,  6x9 paperback and Kindle, titled Observing Our Universe.

Both versions, having the same content, were written using the Kindle tools so Amazon handles their distribution by print on demand.
 The format is like an outline to present a methodical justification for all conclusions.

The book's details on amazon, found by either the title or author:

We are Observing Our Universe with only one view, from on or near the Earth.
We are observing a spectrum with that particular line of sight to very distant objects.

We have the misperception of everything moving away, by a measured red shift.

That illusion can be explained.

There is a known crisis in cosmology, caused by the uncertain Hubble's Constant.

That crisis arose by not considering how our observations depend on our line of sight.
The Intergalactic Medium in our line of sight is important when observing distant galaxies.

The basics for a spectrum analysis and the Doppler Effect are thoroughly explained for galaxies, quasars, and stars.

We observe a gravitational wave indirectly, only by its effect on the Earth's surface.

Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity defined a special observer as  one who is moving through a gravitational field, but we are not that special observer when here on Earth.

The context for every observation is important.

We cannot observe a black hole, or dark matter and dark energy.

We could not observe the big bang or its sequence, which were in the past.

Some claims are being made by cosmologists but with no evidence available to the public.

A theory requires a prediction and a search for evidence. Any evidence which conflicts with the prediction should force the theory's revision.

Evidence which confirms a prediction allows the theory to persist until conflicting evidence is observed.

Consistent evidence to the public is required for any claim to remain acceptable.

Evidence is lacking for some claims in cosmology and those crucial cases are explained, including their correct solution.

A red shift is not the only topic in the book, but it is the most important topic in cosmology, perhaps part of its foundation.

The correct understanding of a red shift is crucial.

The notorious Hubble's Constant which is based on observing red shifts is at the root of the current crisis in cosmology.

The conclusions of this book impact astrophysics to some extent.

The topics collectively reveal the prominent, though not publicized, errors in modern cosmology and how to fix them.


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