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Cosmology Connections Book

David Michalets self-published a book with 2 formats,  6x9 paperback and Kindle, titled Cosmology Connections.

Both versions, having the same content, were written using the Kindle tools so Amazon handles their distribution by print on demand.
 The format is like an outline to present a methodical justification for all conclusions.

The book's details on Amazon, found by either the title or author:

Cosmology Connections describes various electrical connections in cosmology.
Nearly all matter in the universe is plasma, or it has an electrical charge,
including electrons, protons, and ions.
Plasma is not a gas but has unique behaviors like filaments.
Our Sun is electrical, obvious by the corona whose plasma sheets are visible during a total eclipse.
Our Earth has an electrical connection to the Sun, observed with an aurora.
The gas giant planets also have an aurora.
Chandra X-ray telescope reveals the intense electrical activity in the universe beyond our solar system.
X-rays can come from only a source of high energy synchrotron radiation which is the result of moving electrical charges diverting their path by a magnetic field. That is how a synchrotron generates X-rays. X-rays have an electrical source and never come from thermal radiation or from an impossible temperature. Black holes don't exist.
Radio telescopes detect radio from a source of low energy synchrotron radiation.

Infrared telescopes detect those frequencies between visible and radio.

There are many detected electrical connections, both in the solar system and beyond.

References can justify conclusions.
The reader is directed, on the last page, to a web page for those seeking online references.
That web page is not required for reading the book, which includes excerpts.
That web page enables a click on a link for each reference in the book,
for more details, or for high resolution, full color images, or even a video, not possible in a book.
This book is the third in a series about cosmology by the author.
It follows:
1) Observing Our Universe,
which explained mistakes with the Doppler effect  so red shifts resulted in wrong velocities, and there is no expansion;
gravitational waves don't exist,
both relativity and its space-time do not perform as claimed in cosmology, when observing the universe from Earth.

 2) Cosmology Transition,
which explained the transition required in cosmology to fix the mistakes which followed those with red shifts, relativity, and others.

Astrophysics also gets suggestions including the author's quasar model.

3) Cosmology Connections continues the transition for cosmology with further observations of the cosmos, including nebulae, supernovae, galaxies and clusters.

Each book has an overall theme and can be read individually but the conclusions of one are the basis of the next. Each has a summary of its predecessors but not all their details.

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