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Mass Defect

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I could not find a way to submit a comment. The only apparent method for me was a reply to an existing comment.

If I get a response, then I can follow up accordingly.

The comment, from 2018/01/21:

he 5 neutral ending is an…
the 5 neutral ending is an intermediate structure between a normal neutral ending and the lithium nuclet.

This ending deserves more research as it is suspected as being able to capture protons, or Hydrogen ions?!

The ending is also needing in structural integrity whenever there is an opposing nuclet where by the 5 ending is needed to stabilize the parent nuclet (balancing)

My reply:

I find nothing in this site about mass defect, the difference between the measured mass of a nucleus to its expected mass from the sum of its particles.

I analyzed this behavior through the entire periodic table.
Nearly all elements have a deficit, where measured is less than expected.
There are only two exceptions, where measured is greater than expected. Neon is at about +0.00232 and chrlorine is at about +0.1721

If the SAM team has yet to consider mass defect, would someone be interested in my analysis?

Submitted 11/04/2020