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Strange Circular Radio Sources Defy any Conventional Explanation!

I added my comment to the YouTube video:

Here is a possible explanation for an ORC.

When the path of an electron or an electric current  is bent by a magnetic field, like in a synchrotron, the result is the flat frequency distribution called synchrotron radiation. The highest frequency of this distribution is driven by the electron's energy, or its kinetic energy.

The plasmoid in M87 galaxy has its electrical current in a torus bound by a magnetic field.

The M87 spectrum peaks in X-ray and so with this roughly flat distribution, the same image seen in X-ray is observed in radio.

A weak synchrotron would have its "highest" frequency down in radio. There would be almost no energy in the visible range.

The observations match this scenario.

The ORC might be a ring current bound by its magnetic field, like a weak, large diameter plasmoid.

Any variations in intensity around the ring could be variations in the interactions between the electric and magnetic fields.

With the flat distribution there can be no red shift.

If there is an absorption line in the ORC spectrum, then it must be from atoms in the line of sight. The ORC red shift, if any, is totally worthless.