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Galactic birkeland currents

the post:

"Spiral galaxies such as our Milky Way can have sprawling magnetic fields. There are various theories about their formation, but so far the process is not well understood."
"The data suggest that star formation and star explosions, so-called supernovae, are responsible for the visible structures."

Nice how they have to think everything backwards because they can't accept the flagrant thruth.


my comment:

I noticed Ranier Beck is in two stories about spiral galaxies and magnetic fields.

Earlier he published a 2015 study of IC342, a large obscured, nearby spiral galaxy:

excerpt from that one:
"Spiral arms can hardly be formed by gravitational forces alone," continues Rainer Beck. "This new IC 342 image indicates that magnetic fields also play an important role in forming spiral arms."
(excerpt end)

excerpt from NOAO:

Spiral Galaxy IC342 is located roughly 11 million light-years from Earth. Its face-on appearance in the sky—as opposed to our tilted and edge-on views of many other nearby galaxies, such as the large spiral galaxy Andromeda (M31)—makes IC342 a prime target for studies of star formation and astrochemistry.
(excerpt end)

excerpt from another source:

[This] galaxy is obscured by the dust in our galaxy by nearly three full magnitudes. If it weren’t for this dimming effect, IC342 would be one of the finest and brightest face-on spirals in the sky and easily visible to the unaided eye in dark sky. That would make it by far the most distant object you could see with the unaided eye.
(excerpt end)

observation for the 2015 study:

The study's conclusion is important but cosmologists ignored it. Dark matter is still assumed to cause any structure in a spiral arm.

The study of IC342 indicates the electric currents, generating magnetic fields drive the structure of the spiral arms.

For this new 2020 study, I noticed Yelena Stein also contributed.
This is good news that more are pursuing magnetic fields.