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Testing new theories of gravity

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Was Einstein "wrong"? | Testing new theories of gravity

posted by Dr Becky.
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We're not done with gravity yet - General Relativity hasn't had the final say.


my comment:

We don't need a new theory of gravity. Newton's defined force is the correct one to use,
The claim about relativity always being confirmed is definitely not true.

Newton's force of gravity is always confirmed. This is somehow not relevant to confirming relativity.

The planet Neptune was predicted and discovered in 1846 using Newton's force. This was long before relativity.

All the planets orbit around the barycenter, the instantaneous center of gravity of all the orbiting bodies. All orbits are defined by gravity not space-time. Einstein assumed gravity moved to the speed of light. There was no justification for that assumption in 1905. It was never observed but that does not mean it can't happen some day.
The observed barycenter behavior conflicts with a speed limit.

Newton's force of gravity equation  has no time variable. The electric and magnetic forces are also instantaneous. Einstein claimed gravity was unique among the 3 inverse-square forces.

Quasar's have red shifts of z > 1. The highest is now z  > 7.

This happens when the quasar hands off an electron to a proton at that velocity. The new  atom settles to ground state and generates that emission line. The emission line is red shifted by that proton's velocity.

Quasars are the absolute refutation of matter having a speed limit. Protons are frequently measured at faster than c.
Electromagnetic forces are being demonstrated as sufficient for this extreme acceleration of a small positively charged mass. Relativity is known to have failed with that claimed mass speed limit since quasars were found with red shifts greater than c, many years ago. These many observations just get ignored; so then we are told relativity is always confirmed.

When NASA calculates those complicated slingshot trajectories with such impressive precision, they use Newton's force. They do not use space-time.

Even your example of Mercury's precession uses a force equation, not space-time.

by the way, about dark matter,
you should read  ”Magnetic Fields and the Outer Rotation Curve of 31”
the 2010 paper in Astrophysical Journal Letters by scientists in Spain.

The M31 galactic magnetic field explains the M31 rotation. Dark matter fails.

There is even a YouTube video, with the same title, of an author presenting the paper.

If you are interested, I even put the above  details in a book (or kindle).