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God in EU

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does anyone here take this to a spiritual level? Say for example, god or our creator is a neural web of energy like our brains and that is how we are created in gods image. We essentially being manifested into a physical existence by laws of physics created by this neural web and we are actually a dream of the creator given our own freedom through conscience seperation from the neural web? Or is that just me?

my comment:

Voltaire offered a few quotes on god.

If God has made us in his image, we have returned him the favor.

If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

Since you are in EUT I assume you read Velikovsky.

When people are confronted with a catastrophe, the survivors must deal with it.
Worlds in Collision described a few endured by many cultures around the world.

Most people realize nature is chaotic. There are 2 choices:
1) accept chaos is possible; "it" happens!
2) that out of control chaos is unacceptable.

If an unseen god is at work, causing chaos, then that person has the sense of some order because there IS an explanation.

Over time a mythology describes attributes for this god, or however many gods are needed by that culture which survived.

There are several non-theistic religions which share the concept of Tao which is essentially accepting the chaos of nature.
Not everyone needs to invent god.

I don't wish to suppress posts but religion is not really an EUT topic.