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Hot MW Corona

the post:

In previous work, researchers at The Ohio State University found that parts of the Milky Way’s halo – the hazy fog of dust, gas and dark matter that surrounds some galaxies – was at least 10 times hotter than anyone had known before.
This new research found that the extreme temperatures the researchers found in the original analysis – up to 10 million degrees Kelvin, or about 18 million degrees Fahrenheit – could possibly be found in the entire halo, said Smita Mathur, professor of astronomy at Ohio State.
“We can’t say for sure that it is everywhere, because we have not analyzed the entire halo,” Mathur said. “But we know now that the temperatures we saw in the first study definitely are not unique, and that is very exciting.”

A linked story was titled: The Milky Way has one very hot halo, astronomers find

my comment:

On May 18, 19 I posted about the M31 galactic halo is like the solar corona.

This observation shows the same! that same ridiculous temperature is claimed for the solar corona.