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Debunking the Electric Universe

TouTube channel ProfDaveExplains had a video titled: Debunking the Electric Universe

His attempt was rather obnoxious and misleading.

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my comment submitted to TouTube:
Professor Dave has a narrative to push but  his effort at debunking is riddled with diversions and deceptions. At 0:20 he brings up flat earth nonsense which has absolutely nothing to do with Electric Universe (EU) but then he says this is not always part of EU. Just mentioning flat earth is a diversion to confuse the viewer. At 0:050 he suggests someone somewhere said something so it is relevant to this claimed hoax intentionally trying to imply EU is like flat earth and any EU advocates have that claimed mental disorder.

At 0:26  he admits some in EU have a degree in physics. He is ignorant some of those worked with Hannes Alfven who was awarded the 1970 Nobel Prize in Physics  for his work on plasma behaviors in the universe which are also observed on Earth. From this video, he is uninformed just like he accuses flat earthers.
At  02:12 he says EU does not explain the electrical aspect of the Sun. He is negligent to learn about EU, and unwilling to read EU detailed descriptions. At 02:29 he mentions problems in cosmology addressed by EU like dark matter which is a true mistake because dark matter is proposed wherever a magnetic field is ignored.  He says "and so forth" clearly revealing his ignorance of the current "crisis in cosmology" with these still undetectable entities which are beyond physics when lacking evidence.

At about 2:50 he claims astrophysicists know EU is wrong but he is excluding the many astrophysicists who are knowledgeable about plasma physics. EU confronts this lack of education about plasma in astrophysics. He is one of those who knows little or nothing of plasma physics.

At 4:40 he has another lie. EU does not claim gravity is wrong. EU recognizes the 3 critical forces, gravity, electric, and magnetic. EU makes the critical distinction gravity is not the only force driving the universe. After he wasted  time for gravity on Earth (EU disputes none of this though he implies EU disagrees with this but that implication is a lie) electromagnetic forces are critical beyond Earth simply because nearly all the matter in the universe is charged or it is properly called plasma.

At 5:00 again he is deceptive. Of course we know of electromagnetism on Earth but Alfven noted plasma phenomena are unique. In the universe plasma behaviors are crucial. From this video, he is ignorant of this.

At 05:30 is another lie. EU is not discarding gravity; it is one of the 3 critical forces.

At 05:39 he says there are outlandish people mentioning EU and they claim gravity does not exist but that claim comes from those fools not EU. The deliberate deception is appalling.

At 5:55 he says EU must have a model to replace gravity which is another deception because EU is not replacing gravity. EU recognizes electromagnetic forces have a crucial role which is being ignored.

At 6:16, he admits his deception in this video noting not all deny gravity as he has been implying for a few minutes.

At 7:00 he offers ridiculous scenarios which are irrelevant to EU which is not discarding gravity.

At 08:03, again gravity explains observations on Earth,  but EU is primarily about observations beyond Earth so his line of reasoning is invalid and intentionally deceptive.

At 8:56 he claims archaeological evidence must be ignored so he is certainly not a scientist who considers all evidence.

At 9:19 he presents the infamous bending of light. That 1919 experiment was a deliberate deception with the observation directly at the solar limb for maximum diffraction by the plasma in the  solar atmosphere. Other experiments have confirmed the angle is always by plasma diffraction not gravity as mistakenly claimed. EU is correct to doubt this widely accepted claim by gravity which lacks evidence.

At 9:26 he says EU uses a deceptive narrative whereas his entire video is a deceptive narrative.

At 9:56 he again reveals his ignorance of plasma. Plasma inherently forms filaments because moving electrical charges create a magnetic field which maintains the filament. A luminous filament in the universe is plasma simply because gravity cannot drive that behavior. His ignorance of plasma cannot justify his criticism of these observations.

At 10:30 he is ignoring the known fact electromagnetic forces are many magnitudes stronger than gravity. Gravity alone lacks the force required for the compression needed for spherical bodies like stars and planets.

At 10:40 gravity alone cannot explain our solar system and all its spheres and the known anomalies in the giant planets.

At 11:00 he claims EU has no explanation for the Sun. He is either ignoring or ignorant (by lack of research) of the Sky Scholar YouTube channel with excellent videos about the Sun, black holes, and much more because EU is an extensively described cosmology. The viewer should know he is ignoring so much - so this podcast and its deceptions  is despicable.

At 12:17 he has another deception. EU is not replacing or ignoring data; that accumulation of data has wrong explanations.

At 14:34 a list of lies by EU is shown, The problem here is those are not lies by EU. EU is trying to fix them.
The viewer might know neutrons quickly disintegrate when out of a nucleus.

The claim a star could be made of only neutrons has never been demonstrated so this claim is not sound chemistry.

At 13:55 he claims EU ignores data from the Sun. Sky Scholar videos have extensively described the behaviors in the Sun. If he is ignorant of EU videos  on YouTube,  he is the one ignoring data.

At 14:18 he asks the laughable question, "where is the citation?" He offers  a quote  but neglects to check the many published papers on these topics. Therefore the response to this question must be: " did you bother to look and learn from the substantial references online?" His answer will be "No"

At 14:27 he makes the absurd claim these are no observations of magnetic fields in space.

In 2015 Max-Planck Institute, unrelated to EU, published a study of magnetic fields in the arms of the spiral galaxy IC342, concluding those magnetic fields drive the structure in the arms.

His ignorance cannot be put on EU.

At 15:21 he asks questions about when and how. Craters have been explained by EU since the 1970's.  EU has the explanations but he is simply ignorant of them.

At 17:08 he says a narrative can have bits of truth with nonsense piled on top. He provides a good description of his video.

At 18:10 he attempts to psychoanalyze EU advocates. These silly character assassinations are wrong but it follows the video's pattern of diversions.
It is so laughable hearing his implication EU ignores accepted physics.

He fabricates a spiritual connection for EU, for  more deception.

Around 20:00 a series of lies are presented. Gravitational lensing has not been confirmed as noted above.
Black holes are not confirmed; that infamous image is a plasmoid which has a torus shape. The claimed accretion disk around a black hole violates physics in several ways including the temperature required to achieve  X-rays is impossible in such a disk. Gravitational waves were never observed; LIGO detects earth tides from solar and lunar events The first LIGO GW was on the day of a perigee. Since then, every GW is triggered by  a full moon, new moon, or perigee. LIGO events are clearly nor random but no one questions the claims, LIGO has never provided any evidence for any claimed merger. This deception continues despite the blatant lack of evidence. Claiming confirmation with no evidence is a joke.

At 20:30 he returns to ridiculous psychoanalysis and trying to connect religion as a diversion to what should be a discussion of science.
At 21:11 he claims there is no such thing as mainstream science. He is the one with delusions not EU.

All scientific endeavors require approval and funding. Careers are based on maintaining their funding. Describing errors in accepted science can risk that career and their relationship with their professor teaching the dogma.
 Peer review maintains consistency to prevent divergent conclusions.

Halton Arp had a study rejected by a reviewer with only the comment "this exceeds my imagination" That is bad science unlike the use of that phrase in this video.
Science is an effort marked by confirmation bias and exceptions are not readily accepted when they conflict with the interests of others. This video assumes "science" follows what we expect from objective efforts but in reality there are filters like the unjustified claims of the 1919 eclipse.

Just because EU correctly identifies and can fix problems in cosmology does not merit its classification as pseudo science. By this video he does not understand science.

He says no one would consider EU for a technological application.

His ignorance is glaring. The SAFIRE project is independent from EU and observed the transmutation of elements on the surface of an anode in a lab duplication of the solar surface.

He believes from his ignorance EU is not real but new discoveries do get through the process called mainstream science.

He asks why anyone would consider EU. There will always be some investigating alternatives rather than being content with "we already know all that is to be known" as claimed by an idiot in the late 1800's.

Professor Dave is closed minded to new ideas like EU. One can only hope viewers of his podcast are not convinced by his deliberate deceptions.
This review is long for so many deceptions in this video.

after waiting with no reply I added a new comment:

On May 2 I added a comment which has  no reply from Professor Dave.
I noted Dave's mistakes at specific times for reference: 0:26, 2:12, 2:50, 4:40. 5:00, 5:30, 5:55, 6:16, 7:00, 8:03, 8:56. 9:19, 9:26. 9:56, 10:30, 10:40, 11:00, 12:17, 13:55, 14:18, 14:27, 15:21, 17:28, 18:10, 20:00, 20:30, 21:11

Since Professor Dave has offered no reply to this detailed review identifying each mistake, his entire video of nonsense  has been debunked!

After no reply I did a reload on my computer and this comment was still there with ‘14 minutes ago’

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