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Is Matter a Stage of Light?

the post:

Is matter a stage of light? Stage of electricity?
What is matter?

my comment:

Matter and light are distinctly different. They are not stages of one another.

Light is the propagation of perpendicular, synchronized electric and magnetic fields.

Referring to the Structured Atomic Model,
all matter is composed of various combinations of 2 charged particles, the proton and electron, with these combinations described as atoms in the periodic table of elements.

A charged particle exerts an electric field and a moving electric charge exerts a magnetic field.
Under certain combinations of the moving electric field and the moving magnetic field when initially perpendicular and synchronized, the propagation continues because, as observed by Maxwell years ago, a collapsing electric field creates a magnetic field and a collapsing magnetic field creates an electric field so the propagation continues.

We observe these oscillating fields when their frequency is in the range where our eyes are sensitive. There are many ranges we cannot see from ELF radio to high frequency gamma ray.

The energy present in this frequency of radiation is proportional by Planck's constant.

The particles of matter are involved in the initiation of the propagation of light but light is not involved with matter until matter absorbs the energy in the radiation when the energy is transferred to another form, either as internal energy with the atom's electrons, or as kinetic energy of atoms or  molecules in motion in a gas, or as thermal energy within the lattice structure of the liquid or solid.

Matter cannot become light just as light cannot become matter. They cannot be related in such a manner In collisions of atoms like during fusion,  the violent motions of the resulting collection of  charged particles results in energetic electromagnetic radiation when the charged components in the atoms change.

The mass of the subatomic particles is measured in electron-volts which can also be the units of the energy in light.
This is is a relationship of energy between matter and light but they are not stages of one another as if one is directly convertible to the other.

Electricity has been defined as the set of phenomena associated with the movement of charged matter.