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Gamma Ray Bursts

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The collapse of magnetic fields in distant cosmic explosions: is this what powers gamma-ray bursts?


my comment:

They ignore the simple rule with synchrotron radiation:


The entire world of synchrotron science depends on one physical phenomenon: When a moving electron changes direction, it emits energy. When the electron is moving fast enough, the emitted energy is at X-ray wavelength.

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my comment:
increasing the electron velocity increases the frequency so gamma rays can be achieved.

another excerpt:

Booster synchrotron
This is a 300-metre-long pre-accelerator where the electrons are accelerated to an energy of 6 billion electron-volts (6 GeV) before being injected into the storage ring. The booster synchrotron only works a few times a day for a few minutes, when the storage ring is refilled. Every 50 milliseconds, it can send a bunch of 6 GeV electrons into the storage ring.

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gamma rays come from synchrotron radiation here on earth and elsewhere in the universe as well. Gamma rays are observed here on Earth with extreme lightning bolts.

I suspect magnetic fields collapsing to cause gamma rays has never been demonstrated. Cosmologists do not associate synchrotron radiation with high energy radiation sources as they should. That mistake resulted in impossible accretion disks for X-rays. This story implies the same mistake about the source.