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Dark Matter Mystery

Sabine Hossenfelder posted on YouTube the topic:

Are Dark Matter and Dark Energy Scientific?


my comment:

Dark matter remains a mystery because cosmologists just give up looking. It was explained away with studies in 2010 and in 2015,

In 20210 a team in Spain found the M31 magnetic field explained the rotation with no dark matter.

The story has a link to the study; you tube has a presentation of the paper, with the same title as this story.


Ranier Beck of Planck Institute concluded in 2015 magnetic fields in the IC342 spiral arms drive their structure.


Both of these studies are years ago.
The simple problem here is cosmologists ignore magnetic fields. Since they don't see them they propose invisible matter.
With this blatant mistake it is no wonder dark matter can't be found because it does not exist; it is just an excuse for failing to consider a force other than gravity.