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Some of my research is available.

Many of my books use an Excel file with the supporting data.

Links to those references can be found here, if you did not use the link in the references file in Books.

Reference Works

A reference work is like a book but is only a few pages. There are 2.

 A reference work about the propagation of light in a vacuum.

Light in a Vacuum

Some have doubts of light in a vacuum, or whether aether is required.

I created a reference work, bringing together several references.

Light in a Vacuum

A reference work about Einstein's equation e = mc-squared, which has been claimed to show an equivalence between mass and energy

False Equivalence of Mass and Energy


A reference work about Einstein's Photoelectric effect, which justified the non-existent photon.

Einstein's Photoelectric Photon Problems


end of reference works)

These are my compilations of references from research to support the views:

I perceive 3 spheres of astronomical data (solar system, Milky Way, observable universe); the next pdf files are my compilations of some data from those 3 spheres:

Solar System

Solar System-Data-K3-pdf
All major bodies in solar system: planets, asteroids, comets, including moons and rings with each radius, orbit axis and period; sorted by axis in AU, with extra column for Kepler 3rd law verification of each ellipse (pdf)


Milky Way

ZExoplanet Data-K3.pdf

 Exoplanet data with each orbit axis and period with a column for Kepler's 3rd law verification (pdf)


ZConstellations-pdf - for reference: constellation name, abbreviation, quadrant and  coordinates (pdf). The constellations are the quick reference  for the current location of any celestial object. in any sphere of the 3.


Observable Universe

The zip file contains a spreadsheet of more than 600 galaxies and another xls offering a rough table of contents for the distribution in the main spreadsheet.


LIGO data is found using the LIGO Legacy pdf references, available through the main section of Books.

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