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 Distinguished Physicists Admitting a Paradigm Shift is Needed

A panel of physicists discussed the successes and failure of physics.

To get through the lack of progress in physics, with no major improvements in decades, someone mentions a paradigm shift is needed.

The video from The Institute of Art and Ideas is titled:

Where is physics going? | Sabine Hossenfelder, Bjørn Ekeberg and Sam Henry

There is the contradictory claim that the Standard Model of particle physics explains everything .. except for a few things like dark matter.

Dark matter remains a significant problem in physics.

At the root of this problem is the unwavering belief in relativity and its observer-dependent context of space and time.

Relativity is a mistake and not a valid replacement for Newton's definition of absolute space and time, where both are independent of all observers.

Bjørn Ekeberg makes the important observation that the standard model of cosmology is flawed and he, not in his words, mentions plasma physics remains intact.

As long as cosmology ignores Hannes Alfven and plasma physics, cosmology remains on the wrong path.

The search for a dark matter particle reveals the impact of ignoring plasma physics and electromagnetism.

Every instance of dark matter can be explained by a magnetic field being ignored by cosmologists.

The ongoing search for a dark matter particle will never succeed because the observed phenomena are always misunderstood when ignoring forces other than gravity.

The Standard Model of particle physics is broken because the debris found only in particle accelerators are the model's foundation.
Physicists consider adding to their model new particles never observed beyond a particle accelerator. The dark matter particle is mentioned.

The electron and proton should be the only fundamental particles.
The discovery of inert debris after violently smashing particles is the wrong basis for understanding matter.

date posted 12/27/2021