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Mechanism for the 2 Fundamental Forces

Lori Gardi produced an excellent video explaining the mechanism driving a mutual instantaneous force which acts at inverse-sqare of their mutual distance, like electric and gravity. She includes a response to Ken Wheeler and his doubt of fields.

What is a field?

In my opinion, she explains the mechanism for the real electric force between 2 charges and the real force of gravity between 2 masses. Both the electron and proton always emit 2 fields which diminish in strength by distance from the source:

1) a field for its electric charge which was defined by Maxwell,

2) a field for its mass.

Each force is mutual so the decrease in the real force is by the square of mutual distance.

The 2 fields are pervasive, so the mutual force is instantaneous.

Gravity and Electric forces are real, driven by fields, not driven by a fictitious fluid pressure or other mechanisms.

date posted 07/15/2021