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EU, Gravity, Redshifts

Some in EU community seem to dismiss the weak force of gravity.
This is a mistake for many reasons and one is gravity is part of the explanation for the misperception of universe expansion.

A frequently used emission line used for measuring galaxies is the 21cm line from a neutral hydrogen atom.

Everyone could agree that the only force acting on a neutral atom is gravity. On the galactic scale, these neutral atoms will be pulled by gravity toward the nearest galaxy. Motion toward any other galaxy must be away from Earth, so the line is redshifted when we measure this galaxy.

The mistake with this line resulted in the outrageous dark energy which must be pushing all these redshifts.

I find it very funny that the broken big bang cosmology which assumes gravity is the dominant force has missed gravity is their undefined dark energy.

The 21cm line is not always used. The big problem with astronomers is having no standard procedure.

Halton Arp is an astronomer frequently cited in EU. He famously noted galaxy redshifts did not seem compatible with quasar redshifts. Unfortunately, he missed the reason is that they are measured using different spectral lines. He eventually made the mistake of claiming red or blue shift arose from the age of matter. Blue shift arises from atoms moving in the line of sight toward Earth, away from the galaxy being measured.

Quasars have 2 redshifts: 1) from high velocity protons capturing electrons while zooming toward the plasmoid in the quasar, 2) from a collection of metallic ions capturing electrons during their slower motion toward the plasmoid. As the ions become neutral their consistent motion disintegrates.

M31 is famous for its blue shift. The measured -400km/s of M31 calcium ions is the same velocity of calcium ions moving away from our Sun in the solar wind. Claiming the age of M31 affects its red/blue shift is unjustified.

date posted 07/13/2021