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Greater Gravity & Crustal Expansion

I have observed much interest in Earth's apparent increase in gravity, causing the mass extinction of many huge life forms. This gravity change has been accompanied by a proposed expanding Earth's crust to explain many observations in geology.

Robert Burke's videos provide the mechanism for these observations. He mentions the formation of granite in Michigan during this electric event. In my opinion, he had justification to draw wider onclusions.

I can't believe I am not the only person to connect these global  events to transmutation during planetary encounters. Perhaps, I will get comments from someone I never noticed..

Tthe extreme flow  of protons  and electrons into the Earth could have caused elemental transmutation in extreme numbers, even at the scale of Earth's globe, but within its internal layers.

One result is many transmutating elements are increasing their mass.
The other result is every atom gaining protons must immediately add electrons to its shells to seek charge neutrality. Adding shells must increase the atom's radius. New electron shells are added at a radius smaller than the current outer shell. Therefore, these expanding atoms with increasing negative charge in its shells must exert an outward force on the electrons shells in the adjacent atoms.

This scenario using transmutation explains more gravity with no change in its mechanism driven by atomic matter. Many atoms are changing, but not gravity.

These videos suggested this post:

To be fair, the list in this post should include all the relevant videos, but this post is just offering a proposal suggested by certain videos which are not mine.

The dinosaur extinction event was many millennia before the Venus encounter event. Perhaps Saturn or Jupiter was the body for earlier global events. Saturn is in the extreme water myths, while Jupiter is in the extreme lightning events.

date posted 07/09/2021