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Real Celestial Arcs

Not From A Lens

The title implies there are celestial arcs being described as not real, but as an illusion from a gravitational lens. The goal here is to explain why those arcs which are claimed to be an illusion are real. The key realization is all are plasma phenomena. Using an illusion in physics implies a mistake. Modern cosmology ignores plasma physics. This document begins with descriptions of the various behaviors of light and plasma. This background is the foundation of the investigation into the true nature of these arcs found near only the large bright elliptical galaxies in distant clusters having many diverse galaxies to participate in the transfers of plasma. There are many galaxies and clusters described. For each, there are links to its web article and to its best image, for direct viewing without looking for it in the article. All claimed illusions are described, succinctly in under 50 large pages. The page size is 8.5x11 inches, and the content is thorough and concise, with minimal wasted space. A paperback page is only 6x9 inches so there is more content per page in this larger format, by 73%.
Cosmologists must learn about plasma to eliminate the illusions which arose during that neglect.
The pdf file ( < 450KB ) can be freely copied and distributed. The original high-resolution images are in the internet, not in the pdf. There is some value in collecting links to stories and images into one separate web page, as a separate reference file.

date posted 06/17/2021