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Einstein derailed physics by distorting its foundation set by Newton and Maxwell. Perhaps this solid foundation can be recovered.

Isaac Newton defined absolute space and absolute time; both are independent of any observer. Newton defined the basic laws of motion ( like "F =ma") and also defined the force of gravity, which everyone standing on Earth recognizes. Gravity is a mutual force, meaning both are pulled toward the other. James Clerk Maxwell defined light as the propagation of synchronized electric and magnetic fields. These fields oscillate together, but there are no particles moving, like in a wave in water. Our senses can react to these waves, where some frequencies are seen as particular colors while a lower frequency is felt as heat, or what is called infrared.

Albert Einstein, in just a few papers, crumbled this foundation. In his space-time, where an observer selecting a destination will have their path curved toward other objects, but those objects are unaffected. This path has the illusion of gravity, but since the other mass is unaffected as defined by the real force, this illusion is not real.  Many know Earth has a magnetic field. It also has an electric field because Earth has a negative charge. This field and charge are the basis of lightning bolts, because clouds develop a positive charge.  Any moving electric charge is affected by a magnetic field. Space-time uses only a gravitational field to affect the curved path. In the real world, there are charges, electric and magnetic fields, but space-time ignores them. Einstein also had an unjustified assumption the constant speed of light was also the limit for unrelated behaviors, like matter in motion, and forces. Space-time is a mistake for physics, which is the science of energy, forces, matter, and motion. Einstein was a theoretical physicist, so he needed no experiments. However, he reviewed the experiments by Max Planck on the photoelectric effect, and Einstein concluded light is a particle not a wave. When not understanding the experiment, one could get the illusion of a particle behavior.

When the community of physicists accepted Einstein's papers, the common understanding of forces, matter, motion, and light was disrupted.

In the span from June 2020 to April 2021, I self-published 7 books about various facets of physics. I used Kindle Direct Publishing, so Amazon controls their distribution, in either paperback or Kindle download.

I believe it is possible to get physics back to a firm foundation, like the one defined by Newton and Maxwell, but many changes are required. I extracted some of the relevant content from those books, added, revised, and reformatted the 6x9 pages into 8.5 x 11 pages. To reduce the page count, pages often don't have a blank area near the bottom, which usually occurs between topics in a book.

The result is a densely packed, very technical, tedious narrative in 196 pages.  The goal is to be thorough and concise. The reader can use the table of contents to find the topics of interest.

The reader must have some understanding of physics, to grasp the observations, theories, evidence, and conclusions being presented.

The content is deep, because it affects the altered fundamental assumptions of physics, which need a reconsideration. Much has been built onto this weakened foundation, leading to many topics.

This is my informed opinion based on my research. None of it has been peer reviewed. However, some content was posted to Facebook groups to get a little feedback, before being integrated into books. For some, my ideas are not new.

I expect some will agree with my solutions, based on feedback to my posts. I expect others will disagree, also based on their posts and comments. Science is a group activity. The pursuit of knowledge cannot end, because our technology always defines the extent of our observations.

My hope is that by providing a comprehensive alternative based on the current accumulation of data, others can also push for changes in the current dogma which does not match the data. Perhaps, only part of my long narrative will resonate. Many are taught what this pdf attempts to correct.
The reformation of physics will take awhile, and it has been going off-course for 100 years. This presentation of a pdf and its references, captures as much of the scope of physics as practical.
I must deal with a health issue, so I can be on-line only intermittently, for awhile. I will respond to any comments when I can.
The pdf file ( 3.5MB ) can be freely copied and distributed.

date posted 05/28/2021

pdf updated 07/15/2021