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Book by David Michalets

Progress of Metaphysics

9 Final Conclusion

Metaphysics is the study of reality, or such things as causality, mind and matter, or space and time,

Physics is the study of energy, forces, matter and motion.

By 1900, our progess in physics resulted in well-founded metaphysics

One example was the successful prediction of the planet Neptune.

As I thoroughly documented, Einstein did not understand gravity and light.

His misunderstanding them directly resulted in his wrong theories of their behaviors.

The illusion of a confirmation in 1919 apparently boosted a widespread acceptance of his wrong theories.

Other significant mistakes followed in physics, which were not related to Einstein's mistakes. This book mentions Einstein but is not about only him. Wrong theories by Velikovsky also caused problems, but only when being read intentionally with no question of the author's ideas.

Blind allegiance to an authority figure is being both negligent and unscientific.

The mistake with redshifts as false velocities avoided correction, despite the chronic crisis with an uncertain  Hubble's constant.

The mechanism for mass and charge behaviors in the 2 fundamental particles remains an unknown in metaphysics.

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