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Book by David Michalets

Progress of Metaphysics

8 Non-science

Metaphysics is bout how we understand reality.

There are at least 2 cases where are losing that grip on reality.

1) Multiverse,

2) Misapplication of consciousness,

8.1 Multiverse

When someone proposes there is another universe, which exists separarate from the one universe that we are part of, and can observe, then they lost a grip on reality. The number of universes oes not matter

A multiverse proposes more than one universe.

We know something exists because our senses or our instruments can detect it.

It is a mistake in logic to believe that there is something wholly beyond our experience.

That description also applies to a thing which does not exist.

Making the logical mistake to accept a non-existent "other universe" marks the departure from legitimate science, where we seek to understand our universe.

It is foolish to claim that another invisible universe can help us understand the one that we can observe.

If the universe we are trying to understand has behaviors that we cannot yet explain, then we are at the end of our progress developing a complete metaphysics. With new research, perhaps when using new technology,  those behaviors will be understood.

8.2 Misapplication of Consciousness

Metaphysics captures how we understand the universe and its behaviors.

The word consciousness is being used incorrectly in modern science.

I have read stories of people describing the Sun as conscious, or even the universe as conscious.

These are mistakes of anthropomorphism.

Consciousness is subject to interpretation.

It has been defined as a being aware of its surroundings.

When a human being is unconscious, they are not.

There is very simple test for whether any being is conscious.

Does it exhibit a flight or flee response to a change its current envronment.

The being must  select an action in response to its changing environment.

If a being acts in response to its environment, AND it must select only one of its available alternatives, then it is my conclusion that this being is conscious, or has consciousness.

The independent action is important.

In 2017, this story was popular.

This Brainless Blob Learns — and Teaches, Too

Here is my observation.

A slime consisting of only one cell is capable of learning and teaching, by chemical reactions on its outer membrane.

This slime is not conscious in a way we usually use the word, but the slime is capable of independent action based on its changing environmement.

Next, I will consider conscious in the context of physical processes in equilibrium.

A cloud is a complex proess of water molecules being suspended above Earth's surface.

Atmospheric conditions affect this state of equilibrium.  A change in shape or motion, can occur.

At some unpredictable time, an action will occur when one or more rain drops fall from the cloud. This action occurs when equilibrium is disturbed. The cause of the disturbance is not certain.

This action being taken in response to the environment, is part of a physical process. Any motion requires a force. This is physics.

A cloud is many water molecules held aloft by the balance of gravity pulling down, and the Earth's electric field opposing that pull. As drops combine, the apparent charge distribution in the cloud is changing.

This action is not from a consciousness. A cloud is not conscious.

I have heard the phrase "all the planets are aware of all the other planets."

The word aware is just wrong, as it implies consciousness.

The planets in our solar system orbit around the system's instantaneous center of gravity.

Any motion is by the force of gravity, not by  a decision to act when aware of the other planets.

Planets do not decide whether to move in their orbits, They cannot decide not to move.

Projecting human behaviors on inanimate objects is a misunderstanding of the universe at the level of metaphysics.

The universe has instantaneous and simultaneous interactions among all its fundamental particles, electrons and protons.
This simultaneity should be more believable than invisible actors causing any event lacking a readily available explanation.

Humanity exhibits similarities.

We are social creatures who exhibit empathy. For survival we evolved the cacity to develop an understanding of others, even without physical contact.

Within seconds of meeting a stranger, subconsciously we have judged that person, based on many factors.

We must always be aware of our environment, for the inherent fight or flee response.

We are simultaneously part of both our physical environment and our social.

Professional athletes train to improve their instantaneous responses to abrupt changes in their competition.

There are some who feel the universe is deterministic, or the future is already determined.

This expectation is laughable on many scales.

Weather is a chaotic system, having so many factors over different time scales. Weather affects everything on Earth, whether alive or not.

The Moon and Sun also affect everything, by their cycles of light or tidal pull.

You can meet the same people on consecutive days, but their mood can change each day, affecting how they interact with others. Your mood can change simply by how well you slept.

Over time, with improvinbg technology and an increasing knowledge base, the number of unexplainable events will continue to secrease. Each misstep can be overcome.

However, there limits on our progress with a chatic process.