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Progress of Metaphysics

5 Electric Universe Cosmology Phase of Metaphysics

ThunderboltsProject is the name of the group advocating for the Electric Universe cosmology, or EUC.

5.1 Electric Universe Cosmology Basics

One of the guiding principles of EUC is the importance of electromagnetism.

Relativity distorted physics, by using only a gravitational field.

In 2015, Wal Thornhill offered the EUC explanation of gravity

.Here is the first video

Wal Thornhill: The Long Path to Understanding Gravity | EU2015

Wal does not explain that mass of an object is the sum of the mases of all the electrons and protons in the object.

Each proton and electron deploys a field for its mass, and another, unrelated field for its charge.

This is why the force of gravity is described by an equation so similar to that of the electric force.

The forces are instantaneous because the particles react to the appropriate field present at that instant.

Wal's theory of distorting electron orbitals becomes impossible with an atom having 2 or more electrons.  His description only mentions 1.

If you did not read Ancient Phase of Metaphysics, then you missed my review of Cosmos without Gravitation.

That book from 1946 suggests Velikovsky believed a distortion of an atom could cause a force from the uneven charge distribution.

TBP presented the same story of EUC and its wrong physics in another video.

Ghada Chehade: Revolutionary Cosmology | Thunderbolts

This second video is in the context of a paradigm shift to EUC. this book is in the context of changes to metaphysics by EUC.

I offer my solution to this EUC mistakes  of mass and gravity in the section of my changes to EUC.

EUC accepted the redshift theory by Halton Arp, who proposed that a blue or red shift indicated the age of the light source, where blue is young while red is old.

This behavior of light is simply impossible.  Arp did not know how a red or blue shift is measured,  despite Arp being a famous astronomer.

Since Arp must use an age based on the Big Bang, then EUC must accept the big bang for a reference for time, or age.

Arp's theory fails when tested with the closest spiral galaxy, M31, which has a rare blue shift. It is impossible for calcium absorption lines to be directly related to

By accepting Arp's theory, EUC commits to the Big Bang time line, and to Arp's violation of thermodynamics with his intrinsic redshifts.

By accepting the Juergens model for the chromosphere, the basis for the SAFIRE project, , EU has no explanation for the Sun's thermal spectrum.

Electro-gravity is a non-starter, because it proposes a hollow Sun. This conflicts with the evidence of a solid core in the Sun.

I have not included many other contributions like from Donald Scott.

Electro-gravity and intrinsic redshifts  are show stoppers.

Positive contributions from EUC are described in the section of my changes to EUC.

EUC needs to define a coherent cosmology after dropping only a few mistakes.

5.2 Progress of Metaphysics in EUC Phase

EUC does not offer useful explanations of mass, gravity, and light.

This is not progress of metaphysics.

However, its guiding principle and other contributors enable a better path forward for EUC, which is described in the section of my changes to EUC.
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