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Mass and Gravity

9 Light and Gravity

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Light is in the visible frequency part of the spectrum of radiated energy which is called electromagnetic radiation. The name of this radiation comes from its mechanism, which is synchronized, perpendicular, electric and magnetic fields which propagate through a vacuum at a velocity measured and called the constant c. This measurement used our defined increment of time, a second, and resulted in the definition of 1 meter as a standard unit of distance.

This mechanism of propagation was explained by James Clerk Maxwell.

There is a disagreement in physics whether light is affected by gravity, depending on whether one believes relativity is valid for physics.

In the section My Relevant Publications, there is Einstein's Mistakes with Forces and Light.

Its conclusion is gravity cannot affect the path of light.

This document (being read) is about the mechanism of gravity, not light.

There is no need to make this document much larger by integrating that free on-line reference about the (irrelevant to gravity)  topic of relativity.

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