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Einstein's Mistakes

With Forces and Light

9 Cosmology

This is section 9 of 12 in the web-book.

Cosmology is a study of how the cosmos works.

Einstein's mistakes  had several impacts on cosmology.

9.1  Fabric of space

Space-time is not a thing and it cannot be a medium, for light or anything else.

9.2 Gravitational Wave

I covered this topic in detail in my book Predicting Gravitational Wave Detections.

This post from May, 2021 has my description of the legacy of LIGO, when outrageous claims lacking evidence were accepted by the scientific community. The post ends with a link to my pdf which details the history of LIGO. The book has more content than the pdf.

The pdf is provided here, so one is not forced to buy the book to read some of its content.

LIGO Legacy

LIGO leaves a disheartening legacy for the progress of physics, which is the science of forces, matter, and motion.

LIGO is pivotal in a story where the elite of a science latched onto a mistake and the rest followed, without questioning the path. This is simply because in a large group, the experts are always right. Doubting them can put one's career in jeopardy.
This scenario is not limited to physics.

LIGO claimed to detect 4 non-existent entities and 1 highly improbable behavior, and to confirm 1 fundamental mistake.

LIGO is the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory. LIGO is an international collaboration, in line with the importance of what it seeks to confirm. A few had an agenda, got funding, and on it went, so the few were responsible for keeping everyone working toward a common goal. Unfortunately, this effort started in the absolutely wrong direction (the list of 6), never having a chance to provide a result to advance any discipline of science, meaning every hour and dollar was wasted.

LIGO was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics, because its dubious claims provided the very important illusion that modern physics was on a correct path.

Without some form of confirmation, doubt can arise about the current path, leading to dissension.

Without publicity proclaiming the necessary results, investing in science and research can be questioned.

The 4 non-existent entities:
1) black hole,
2) gravitational wave,
3) neutron star,
4) space-time.

The 1 highly improbable behavior:

1) the LIGO-defined "inspiral" merger.

The 1 mistake is only a theory, but an important one:

Einstein's theory of relativity (both special and general).

Technically, Einstein defined space-time as only a set of 4 values from position changes of his special, moving observer. Eventually, it became a thing, like in: "the fabric of space-time"  or "a ripple in space-time" which was often used by LIGO.

I had wanted a smaller page count, but LIGO claimed to detect 97 fictitious waves, and I listed them. Rather than the reader having to look elsewhere for some details, the data are provided. It is important to explain the reasons why many non-existent things could be detected 97 times.

The pdf file ( < 1MB ) can be freely copied and distributed.

9.2.1 The story of LIGO's first 4 detections of a gravitational wave.

In early January, 2022, after the acivity with the pdf and post linkeded above, I had the opportunity to describe how I see the timing of the first 4 GW detections by LIGO.

Here is that story of the first 4 detections by LIGO:.

When the LIGO operator turned on the system on a Monday in September, 2015 after everything was off for the weekend, The system reported LIGO's first ever detection almost immediately. This was an extreme surprise when the rare events being sought might occur many months or probably years apart. They ere excited because this was the first time the system and ever detected anything. They never tested this system with a real event to verify anything.
With the first event, they had to fabricate a plausible story. Time should be taken to thoroughly review the system, like comparing the results with the actual event, if it could be identified. Instead of a total system review after its first detection, they quickly proclaimed a double black hole merger. LIGO admits such an event cannot have any verifiable evidence, so it was impossible for LIGO to verify its own claim, nor could anyone else verify anything LIGO said.

This not proper science; this is deception.

On the day before this first detection, there was a New Moon. Their system reacts to any ripple in Earth's crust. They made the design mistake assuming only an invisible gravitational wave could stress the Earth at multiple locations. Perhaps, they know nothing of ocean tides. These are global.

One month later, LIGO reported their second detection which was also claimed to be a double black hole merger, exactly on the day of the next New Moon. Again, verification was impossible.

The third detection by LIGO seems similar to the first. This claimed detection of a double black hole merger was on 2015-12-26, one day after the Full Moon on 2015-12-25. Perhaps, LIGO was disabled for the Christmas holiday, and the detection arrived when the system was enabled after the staff returned to work.

LIGO was apparently disabled in 2016, with no detections.

The fourth detection was also a double black hole merger, but on 2017-01-04. This is exactly the day of the perihelion, when the Earth is closest to the Sun, in our annual orbit. LIGO had no evidence of its claimed merger.
The unverified claims by LIGO continue, with no one requesting LIGO to provide evidence for anything being claimed. The pattern with LIGO reacting to predictable lunar and solar events is never questioned.
The book and pdf offer details of the LIGO claims of 97 GW detections,  with identified pairs of either a black hole or neutron star. Neither entity exists.

Both objects are a source of high energy synchrotron radiation from a mechanism explained by plasma physics. Cosmology has yet to integrate plasma physics..

9.3  Gravitational Lens

This phenomenon is explained in section Eddington Experiment.

There is no gravitational lens.

I also covered this false lens in detail in my book Gravitational Lens Illusions, which included many arcs and rings being claimed as an illusion from the gravitational lens mechanism

This post in June, 2021 had the objects, with their stories and their images,  claimed to be from a gravitational lens. This pdf was just the start of the book. More content was added to the book, to suit the narrative of illusions. The book has more content than the pdf.

The pdf is provided here, so one is not forced to buy the book to read some of its content.

Real Celestial Arcs Not from a Lens

The title implies there are celestial arcs being described as not real, but as an illusion from a gravitational lens. The goal here is to explain why those arcs which are claimed to be an illusion are real. The key realization is all are plasma phenomena. Using an illusion in physics implies a mistake. Modern cosmology ignores plasma physics. This document begins with descriptions of the various behaviors of light and plasma. This background is the foundation of the investigation into the true nature of these arcs found near only the large bright elliptical galaxies in distant clusters having many diverse galaxies to participate in the transfers of plasma. There are many galaxies and clusters described. For each, there are links to its web article and to its best image, for direct viewing without looking for it in the article. All claimed illusions are described, succinctly in under 50 large pages. The page size is 8.5x11 inches, and the content is thorough and concise, with minimal wasted space. A paperback page is only 6x9 inches so there is more content per page in this larger format, by 73%.
Cosmologists must learn about plasma to eliminate the illusions which arose during that neglect.
The pdf file ( < 450KB ) can be freely copied and distributed. The original high-resolution images are in the internet, not in the pdf. There is some value in collecting links to stories and images into one separate web page, as a separate reference file.

9.4 summary of section

There is no gravitational wave and no gravitational lens.

Space-time is not a thing and cannot be a fabric or medium.

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