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Book 13 Predicting Gravitational Wave Detections References

The pdf has several references to Internet pages.

A web page enables a clickable link to a reference.

Here are the page numbers and each reference.

Sometimes, a single page can have more than one reference.

Each line begins with a link showing the page number and its target, which is either:

a typical web page (URL) in html format, or

a pdf file, or
a YouTube (YT) video URL, or
a zip compressed file

Page numbers are in the paperback edition.

10-url - Absolute time

12-url - Minkowski Space

12-url - History of special relativity

21 NASA replaced this image since 2019.

27-url - Gravitational wave

31-url - NASA GW

32-url - What are Gravitational Waves?

36-ul - Sources and Types of Gravitational Waves

40-url - earth tide

40-url - Moon+Jupiter-190423

40-url - 190423 half degree

47-YT- Wal Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid? | Space News

49-YT - Neutron Star" Shatters Theory | Space News

50-url - LIGO

51-url - LIGO Facts

54-url - LIGO PyCBC

56-URL - Matched filter


69-url - Danish Group's Doubts That LIGO Discovered Gravitational Waves Resurface

39-url - Danish physicists claim to cast doubt on detection of gravitational waves

69-url - What's up with LIGO?

75-url - Have we really measured gravitational waves?

128-zip -

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to save the zip to your computer.

Some browsers don't allow that.
Otherwise, open the zip and copy its files to a folder on your computer.
I recommend opening the zip file only when they are on your computer, not over the web.

In the next few links change the year at the end od the url to the year of interest

129-url -
Moon Phases 2019

129-url-  -4 Perigee dates or close and far moons in 2019

130-url - perihelion dates in 2001 to 2100

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