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Book 1 OOU References

Observing Our Universe References in the book dated July 17, 2020

The paperback has several references to Internet pages.

It is impractical to provide the complete URL for each reference in a paperback.

Here are the page numbers and their citations. Sometimes a page will have more than one reference.

Each link is the page number and its target: either
a typical web page (URL) in html format, or

a pdf file. or
a YouTube (YT) video URL

page numbers are in the paper back edition.

10-url - Fraunhofer Lines

11-url - Calcium

12-url - Lyman-alpha line

12-url - Doppler effect

13-url - Synchrotron radiation

14-url - thermal radiation


24-pdf - Forty Lines of Evidence for Condensed Matter -  The Sun on Trial: Liquid Metallic Hydrogen as a Solar Building Block

24-YT - Sky Scholar channel

24-YT - What is the Sun made of?

Sky Scholar has more videos about the Sun and stars.

24-url - Gaseous Sun

26-YT - Scott The Electronic Sun Electric Universe 2012

26-YT - Donald Scott: SAFIRE and the Electric Sun | Space News

37-url - Radial velocity method

40-url -Vesto Slipher

41-url - Edwin Hubble

41-url  - 1999 paper is off-line in 2020.

43-url - The Most Luminous z= 9-10 Galaxy candidates yet found: The Luminosity Function, Cosmic Star-Formation Rate, And The First Mass Density Estimate At 500 Myr

45-url - Observing the Spectrum of M31

45-url - The Radial Velocity Measure of nearby galaxies

47-pdf - Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Universe: The Status of the Cosmological Parameters

52- url - Cosmological Red Shift SAO

54- url -  Red Shift

58- url - parallax

61-url - Hubble's constant

62-url - M104

62-url - M60

62-url - Hoag's Object

62-url - Abell 133

63-url - 3C 273

63-url - NGC 67

75-url - Gravitational wave

78-url - What is a gravitational wave?

79-url - What are gravitational waves?

82-url - Earth tide

85-url-facebook - LIGO Scientific Collaboration Nov.9,2019

87-url - GraceDB - GW data base

90-url - GW list

100-url - Danish Group's Doubts That LIGO Discovered Gravitational Waves Resurface

101-url - 'What's up with LIGO?

107-url - LIGO

115-url - celestial coordinate system

117-url - How do gravitational slingshots work?

122-url - background independence

123-url - metric tensor

126-url  - frame of reference

127-url - general relativity

128-url - shape of the universe

130-url - celestial coordinate system

131-url - LORRI M7

136-url - expansion of the universe

140-url - John Archibald Wheeler

141-url - Postulates of special relativity

144-url - graphics
2019 URL invalid in 2020.

149-YT- Can Stars BEND LIGHT? General Relativity and Gravity with Dr. Edward Dowdye!

150-url - common misconception 9 — who disproved Einstein?

151-url - Hipparchus

154-url - Geographic coordinate sustem

158-url - ESRF

2019 URL is invalid in 2020.

160-YT - Wal Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid? | Space News

163-url - dark matter

164-url - Seeing dark matter in the Andromeda galaxy

167-url - CERN dark matter

169-url - Magnetic Fields and the Outer Rotation Curve of M31 _of_M31

170-YT - Magnetic Fields and the Outer Rotation Curve of 31

170-pdf - Birkeland Currents and Dark Matter

171-url - Twisted magnetic field in galaxy IC 342

180-YT- "Neutron Star" Shatters Theory | Space News

181-url -Vesto Slipher

182-url -  A Remarkably Luminous Galaxy At Z = 11.1 Measured With Hubble Space Telescope GRISM Spectroscopy

183-url - Magellanic clouds: Single measurement throws out everything we thought we knew

184-url - Age of the universe

189-YT - The Big Bang & Microwave Background - The Early Years

191-url - Adaptive Techniques for Clustered N-Body Cosmological Simulations

195-url - dark matter halo

205-url - Hannes Alfven

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